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DIY double pen loop

The first thing I regretted when my Traveler's notebook arrived was that I didn't order a pen holder. But then again using a travelers notebook involves a bit of DIY so I made my own pen loop, while I made it I took some pictures so now I like to share how to make a real easy double pen loop for the traveler's notebook.  I use the passport size but it can just as easy be made to fit the standard size.
Stuff you need
You need the following :

  1. A piece of card stock
  2. A stapler
  3. A piece of elastic
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. A ruler

Messure the card stock
You measure the card stock so that it will be a little longer than the short string of your travelers notebook and a little wider than the whole width of the cover. Then you cut it.
Make two cut outs
Fold your piece of card stock in two and make two cut outs so that it will fit under the short string .
Fasten under short string
Fasten the card under the short string. Now it sits securly.
Card stock and inserts 
Add the inserts you want to use and close the travelers notebook.
Adjust the width

Cut of the card stock that is sticking out so that it matches the inserts you are using.
Elastic for pen loops
Cut two pieces of elastic to the length that fit the pens you want to use.
Staple the elastics to the card stock. I put them a bit above the center so they don't interfere with the cover string.
Double pen loop
Now you have a double pen loop for your travelers notebook. And it is easy to remove and put back.
Have a nice day!


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