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Writing and reading

I sit down at my kitchen table with a cup of freshly brewed Coffee and a blank page open in my travelers notebook.

In my last post I talked a bit about drawing and painting, things I love doing and that comes naturally to me. Writing is a completely different thing, I'm not very good at it and that is one of the purposes of this blog. I want to be better at writing!

I do read a lot of books and that ought to rub off don't you think? Well it doesn't seem so. I find it hard to start writing and I often use too few words thinking that poeple understand my thoughts.

Lately I have been feeling a bit unintellectual. I have read John le Carre's first four novels in row! The first two, "Call for the Dead" and "A Murder of Quality " are more of traditional detective stories especially the second one. The other two, "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold" and "The Looking-Glass War" are classic spy novels of the cold war era with a lot of bluf…

Art Journal

I like to paint and draw, allways has and probably allways will. Being a father of a little boy and a husband and also full time worker means that available time is scarce. But in my traveler's notebook I allways carry with me a small sketchbook so that I can make a small drawing now and then.
Most of the time I just stop thinking and let the creativity loose and the result is usually something abstract but not allways and it's not important. What matters is that it makes me feel good.
I guess what I do is not strictly art journaling, an art journal is supposed to be like a illustrated diary but all I do is make a drawing now and then.

Years ago I made this small folder or whatever I should call it. It can carry a big stack of loose A6 sketch paper.
I made it so that I could carry sketch paper with me on travels. On one travel I think I made over 100 drawings (it was not that boring, I just sat down each evening and made a few drawings it helped me relax.)
When I got home I ad…

Notebooks, travels

I love traveling by train and there are many reasons why I love that. It is a bit old fashioned, you travel a distance but it also feels like you travel in time. To an era when trains was the only way to travel long distances.
I still think traveling by train is the proper way to travel. Spending some time in an old beautiful crowded train station can be interesting, you see people from all over the world and you can listen to languages you dont understand.
You meet poeple you have never seen before and that you will never see again. One minute they are here, the next minute the are off to some unknown destination.
I allways bring a notebook and a good pen when I travel by train. You get a lot of time to read and contemplate life. Thats why I love carrying my traveler's notebook, I can carry whatever I want in my traveler's notebook and I can make some drawings or write down things thats on my mind.
This time it was not me doing the travel. I was waiting for my little boy and …