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DIY double pen loop

The first thing I regretted when my Traveler's notebook arrived was that I didn't order a pen holder. But then again using a travelers notebook involves a bit of DIY so I made my own pen loop, while I made it I took some pictures so now I like to share how to make a real easy double pen loop for the traveler's notebook.  I use the passport size but it can just as easy be made to fit the standard size.
You need the following :

A piece of card stockA staplerA piece of elasticA pair of scissorsA ruler
You measure the card stock so that it will be a little longer than the short string of your travelers notebook and a little wider than the whole width of the cover. Then you cut it.
Fold your piece of card stock in two and make two cut outs so that it will fit under the short string .
Fasten the card under the short string. Now it sits securly.
Add the inserts you want to use and close the travelers notebook.

Cut of the card stock that is sticking out so that it matches th…

The sunny side of the street

As you might have figured out I am a guy and I use the traveler's notebook. I have the original from Midori, or the Travelers company as they call themself now. I will tell you more how I use my traveler's notebook some day but not this day. Today is such a beautiful sunny day!
I use the passport size travelers notebook, easy to carry in the pocket of my coat and carry with me on a little stroll on a sunny day.
Some poeple like to write on buildings, I like to write and draw in my notebooks. Anyway I had an afternoon off so I took a walk and some pictures of my neighborhood. And I had the time to enjoy a nice cup of Coffee at my local café.
If you are new to the concept of travelers notebook, like I am, perhaps you want some inspiration? Let me share some reading that might inspire you:

Travelers Company has a page where "professional" users share their use of travelers notebooks.

Travelers Notebook Times has a weekly round up of interesting blog posts and vide…

In the beginning

I have a friend who is allways interested in new analog trends, it can be mechanichal watches, analog photography, vinyl records and such things. Recently he sugested using old fashioned paper planner and that actually appealed to me a lot!
 I have allways been fond of writing with good pens and fountain pens and I have a stack of notebooks I use for different purposes.
 Anyway, my friends sugestion got me thinking and I said to myself: Hey, why don't you dig up your old filofax and use that? Said and done, after som digging I found it, an old pocket size black leather filofax.

 The trouble with my filofax was that it has the old 4-ring mechanism and that means I can't buy any new refills...
If you are interested why here is an interesting article.
That meant I had to continue my search and I found the interesting article in NYT written by Kristin Wong. Among other things she mentioned the Travelers Notebook . I had never heard of it but it looked cool and seemed to be easy t…

A late winters storm

It is the middle of march but outside there is a cold winters storm raging. Or should I say a blizzard? For many years I have lived in the belief that march is the first spring month but now I am beginning to have doubts...

I'm spending the weekend in my country home and I can enjoy the comfort of sitting by the kitchen table writing down some notes in my traveler's notebook.

The wood burning slowly in my kitchen stove are keeping me warm and keeping me company while the storm is getting calmer and the evening is getting dark and quiet.